7 EMC screening fabric 50dB, extremely transparent, AaroniaShield

50dB EMC screening fabric Aaronia-Shield®

Highly transparent screening fabric Aaronia-Shield

"..especially effective against all high-frequency radiation up to far beyond 10GHz"
"..ensures conformance with rigorous architecture-biological exposure limits.."
"..offers a 30 to 1000 fold more efficient screening than similar products on the market"
"..particularly well-suited for people with allergies!"
(KettenwirkPraxis 02/2005)

REFERENCES / in use by:

  • EADS (European Aeronautic Defence & Space Company) GmbH, Ulm
  • MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE for iron research, Düsseldorf
  • Technische Universität Hamburg, Germany
  • Extremely breathable
  • Odourless
  • Extremely transparent
  • Treatable like regular fabric. Ideal for garments, curtains, canopies, protective suits etc.
  • Rot proof
  • Frost proof
  • Anti-septic
  • Anti-static
  • Washable
  • Foldable
  • Also usable as a transparent fly screen
  • Very easy to handle even for the novice
  • Length per standard unit: 0,7m, 7m, (1m², 10m²). Also available as cut good
  • Lane width: approx. 1,4m
  • Thickness: 0,1mm
  • Mesh size: approx. 0,7mm!
  • Colour: Silver
  • Weight: approx. 15g/m2
  • Mesh material: High-performance silver/polyamid compound (20%/80%)
  • Screening performance static fields: 99,99% to 99,999% (only WITH grounding!)
  • Screening performance low-frequency, electric fields: 99,99% to 99,999% (only WITH grounding!)
  • Screening performance high-frequency fields: 43dB (99,992%) at 10GHz and 50dB (99,999%) at 1GHz (even WITHOUT grounding!)
Transmission damping chart 1-10GHz:
Damping chart Aaronia-Shield
Independant tests according to MIL-STD-285 performed by Prof.Dipl.-Ing.P.Pauli approve the superior screening performance of Aaronia-Shield® compared to the other products shown which are typically used for constructing screening canopies or curtains. The RF (high-frequency) radiation damping performance, especially in the frequency range where pulsed signals from cell towers etc. are present, is an exceptional 43dB (99,992%) to 50dB (99,999%). Compared to the other products shown, Aaronia-Shield® offers 30 to 1000 times better protection!
Apart from this, Aaronia-Shield® is the only screening product of these three which can also be grounded and thus even protects against static AND low-frequency EMF, which is generated by virtually all cables running through homes, all home appliances and also high-voltage power lines.
Material characteristics:
Aaronia-Shield® is anti-septic

Highly transparent and breathable
Aaronia-Shield® is highly transparent and breathable

Material analysis Aaronia-Shield
Imaging with an electron microscope shows the exceptional material purity of Aaronia-Shield®

100x magnification Aaronia-Shield
The complex weaving technique used in Aaronia-Shield® warrants the best possible screening performance particularly in the higher GHz range

200x magnification Aaronia-Shield
High-resolution electron microscope imaging shows the exceptional surface characteristics of Aaronia-Shield®

500x magnification Aaronia-Shield

2000x magnification Aaronia-Shield

The various "transparent" screening systems currently available on the market are very diverse concerning their protection efficiency and affordability. Most offer hardly any protection at all in the higher GHz ranges. Mostly they are also extremely expensive and do not offer protection against low frequency EMF radiation, either. Also, the customer currently mostly needs TWO seperate screenings: One against RF and another against LF.
Consequently, Aaronia offers a very affordable alternative whose handling is particularly easy for the novice: The "screening fabric" Aaronia-Shield®. Aaronia-Shield® offers extremely good screening performance especially in the high GHZ range. Aaronia-Shield® simultaneously protects against both RF AND LF E-field radiation and is still extremely transparent. The reason behind this very good screening efficiency is a complex textile concept based on a special kind of patented silver/polyamid fibre. Aaronia-Shield® can be handled like regular fabric. It can be folded without the risk of taking damage, is anti-septic, frost proof, rot proof and extremely breathable. Aaronia-Shield® is optimally suited for constructing highly efficient screenings in terms of canopies, garments, curtains, fly screens, protective suits or for aerospace use.
It is noteworthy that Aaronia-Shield® does NOT need to be grounded for high-frequency screening! Though, we generally recommend grounding using our grounding package if stationary use is intended (for example as canopy, curtains, fly screens etc.), as that way, protection against LF electric fields caused by high-voltage lines, power cables, etc. will also be achieved.
Screening solutions made from Aaronia-Shield®:
Aaronia-Shield canopy
Screening canopy made from Aaronia-Shield® and screening mat made from Aaronia X-Dream®
For window use, Aaronia-Shield® lends itself optimally as a transparent screening and at the same time doubles as a fly screen. Also, application as high-grade screening curtain is not a problem at all. Aaronia offers complete, high-grade canopy systems made from Aaronia-Shield® for beds. For also screening the floor area, matching screening mats made from Aaronia X-Dream® have been developed exactly for this purpose. These mats are also used to ground the canopy systems and thus offer a comprehensive, complete protection. Our canopy systems allow even the novice to construct an optimally screened sleeping place with minimal effort.

The 99% lie or why a good screening efficiency is so important

Damping specifications for Aaronia high-performance shielding products
Product: Frequency: Damping in dB: Damping factor: Damping in %: Application examples:
A2000+ 1GHz
Indoor and outdoor shielding
Low exposure
Aaronia-Shield® 1GHz
Textile applications (Canopies, clothing, curtains etc.)
Low and high exposure
Aaronia X-Dream® 1GHz
Indoor shielding, measurement chambers
High to highest exposure
Notice: when using the dB unit, an increase of 10dB is equivalent to a 10fold increase in strength. For example, 100dB is 10 times as strong as 90dB, or 100 times as strong as 80dB, etc.
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