Screened mains extension cable

Screened mains extension cable

  • Length: 2m
  • Colour: black
  • Outer diameter: 7.1mm
  • Wiring: 3 x 1,0 mm2, (blue, brown, yellow/green), very flexible
  • Max. voltage: 250V at 50/60Hz
  • Current capacity: max. 10A
  • Screening: PVC-coated aluminum screen with auxiliary wire (Copper 1,00 mm2).
  • Wires are twisted once every 10cm
  • Insulation material: Polyvinylchlorid
  • Security class: 1 (with ground wire)
  • CE-conformance: 100%, every cable is tested individually according to EN 60 320 / 2.2
  • Quality assurance system: ISO 9002
  • Wall socket plug: Angular, with ground connection, sealed connection, CEE 7, DIN 49441
  • Appliance connector: IEC plug, sealed connection, IEC 320, C13, EN 60320

This cable, equipped with a sealed IEC plug, is suitable for all appliances with IEC socket, such as PCs, printers, audio equipment, and many other technical devices.
Existing cables can simply be replaced against this screened version.
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