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More Products
EMC Analyzer:
Professional EMC meter
EMC RF & EMF Spectrum-
Analyzer 1Hz to 7GHz

Unbeatable price: Our meter kits
The perfect team:
Our EMC meter kits

Spectrum Analyzer Software
Powerfull Analyzer-Software
Free download

EMC Antenna:
HyperLOG EMV Antennen
HyperLOG EMC Antenna
380MHz to 18GHz

BicoLOG EMV Antennen
BicoLOG EMC Antenna
20MHz to 3GHz

EMC Screening:
Magnetic field screening foil
Magnetic screening foil Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX

Magnetic field screening panel
Magnetic screening panel Aaronia MagnoShield DUR

50dB EMC screening tissue
Transparent RF screening tissue Aaronia Shield

100dB EMC screening fleece
High end RF screening fleece Aaronia X-Dream

Screened power strip and cable
Screened power strip and cable