Portable phone (homehandy) frequency usage chart GERMANY. Sorted by frequency:
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Abbreviation Output power Range Modulation Pulsed Provider Comments Description
  864,1 868,1 CT2 10mW EIRP 300m GPSK YES Private Pulsed at 500Hz. Uplink & Downlink Portable phone (Digital). Only transmits during conversations. License expires 31.12.2008
  885,0 887,0 CT1+ (UL) 10mW EIRP 300m FSK, PSK NO Private Uplink Portable phone (Analog). License expires 31.12.2008
  914,0 915,0 CT1 (UL) 10mW EIRP 300m FSK, PSK NO Private Uplink Portable phone (Analog). License has expired.
  930,0 932,0 CT1+ (DL) 10mW EIRP 300m FSK, PSK NO Private Downlink Portable phone (Analog). License expires 31.12.2008
  959,0 960,0 CT1 (DL) 10mW EIRP 300m FSK, PSK NO Private Downlink Portable phone (Analog). License has expired.
  1.880,0 1.900,0 DECT 250mW EIRP 50m GFSK YES Private Pulsed at 100Hz. Uplink & Downlink Portable phone (Digital). Base station always transmits with maximum power, even when no conversation is held.
  5.725,0 5.825,0 DECT2 25mW EIRP 50m COFDM YES Private "DECT successor" (5,8GHz Homehandys). Uplink & Downlink. Currently only low output. Output power will probably drastically increase with new EU standards New generation of portable phones ("DECT successor"). For more information, visit ElektronikPraxis (German)
  DECT (Digital)
  CT1 (Analog)
  CT1+ (Analog)
  CT2 (Digital)
FREQUENCY SPECIFICATIONS: Partially rounded to 0,1MHz. Some frequency blocks have been combined into one bigger block.
ABBREVIATION: Partially internationally accepted labels or specific abbreviations used by the "Autoident" feature of Aaronia SPECTRAN spectrum analyzers / electrosmog detectors
TRANSMITTING POWER: Maximum permitted or regular transmitting power
RANGE: Always indicated the maximum or average USABLE distance, not the maximum MEASURABLE distance
MODULATION: Where "various" is indicated, use of modulation modes varies widely
PULSING: Where "YES" is indicated, pulsing might be used only intermittently, in specific modes, or by specific devices.
PROVIDER: Typical provider. Either the name of the company, or "private" is indicated for mainly non-commercial use. "commercial" is indicated for mainly commercial use, "aerial" for mainly aerial radio, "military" = mainly military use
DESCRIPTION: Detailed description, often with application examples
(UL): "Uplink" mostly means "handheld device" (portable transmitter which transmits towards a tower, like mobile phones)
(DL): "Downlink" mostly means "base station" (fixed transmitter which transmits towards portable devices, like cell towers)
MW=Megawatts=1.000.000Watts; kW=Kilowatts=1.000Watts; W=Watts; mW=Milliwatts=0,001Watts

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