Our Product Range
1MHz to 9.4GHz / -170dBm(Hz)

  • Handy & cost-effective
  • Very wide range up to 9.4GHz
  • Ultra Sensitive: -170dBm(Hz)
  • Incl. EMC LogPer Antenna
1Hz to 30MHz / 1pT / 200nV

  • Handy & cost-effective
  • Very wide range up to 30MHz
  • Very Sensitive: 1pT / 200nV
  • Internal 3D-Magnetic Probe
The perfect team...

  • Personal Conforming Test
  • Very wide Measuring-Range
  • Incl. RF & EMF meter
20MHz to 18GHz

  • Very wide Measurement range
  • Biconical Antenna starting at 20MHz
  • EMC LogPer Antenna up to 18GHz
  • Incl. Calibration Data
100kHz to 1GHz (3GHz)

  • Perfect for EMC-Tests
  • Wide Measurementrange: 100kHz-3GHz
  • 5 Probes for E- and H-Fields
  • Optional 40dB PreAmplifier
Magnetic Fields & RF up to 100dB

  • Easy Application
  • Magnetic screening Panel
  • Magnetic screening Foil
  • Transparent RF Tissue 50dB
  • RF screening Fleece 100dB
Phenomenal Spec's at Unbeatable Prices!
EMF near power lines
EMC Analzer
• High sensitivity
• Conforming limit calculation
• Exhaustive manuals
• 10 years warranty
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Unbeatable price: Our equipment kits
Highly recommended: Our test equipment sets with carrycases at a stunning price. Ideally suited for industrial use, authorities, laboratories, schools or the serious hobbyist.
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SPECTRAN HF-4040 Rev3 Winner 2008
Test & Measurement
Fast, handy, cost-effective and ultra sensitive:
SPECTRAN measuring devices provide the perfect analysis: trace RF & EMF sources in your area. These devices show the EXACT frequency and signal strength of radio sources including STANDARD CONFORMANT calculation of various exposure limits, thanks to the patented, completely novel spectrum analyzer process. This ground-breaking innovation is the basis for the SPECTRAN's compact form factor and unbeatable price.

Our analyzer are in widespread, successful use in the industry, research, schools and laboratories. RF, Cellular phones, transmission towers, WLan, Wifi, Bluetooth, bugs, computers, monitors, lamps, TV sets, distribution boxes, railroad power lines, electrical substations, underground high voltage lines, transformer stations or invisible radiation from neighboring sites - we offer an adequate measuring solution for virtually any source of radiation.

Beautiful exterior combined with exceptional functionality at an absolutely unbeatable price. SPECTRAN measuring devices impress with their small size, sensitivity and precision. Furthermore, they offer functionality which exceeds that of some of the best units in the industry. Add to all this the small form factor and EASE OF USE - Where else can you find a full-fledged spectrum analyzer with our features and design at a comparable price?

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EMC Magnetic field screening, RF screening canopies and tissue:
Magnetic field screening with Aaronia screening panels
Screening magnetic fields, RF and EMF. Screening tissues
Our high tech EMC screening systems probably offer the world's best screening performance in their respective categories!
We offer our screening panels and foil Aaronia MagnoShield® for magnetic field shielding. Our highly transparent screening tissue Aaronia-Shield® and high tech screening fleece Aaronia X-Dream® offer, especially in the higher GHZ ranges, the best possible protection against RF and electric radiation and are in particular prepared for any upcoming future sources of radiation.
Installation of our screening products is hassle-free even for the novice.
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Objective information concerning RF and EMF:
Limits, frequencys and RF maths
Information on Limits
and EMC Basics
Apart from our products, we also offer you further information and current, scientifically proven knowledge concerning RF and EMF. By clicking on the left-hand menu entry EMC Basics, you can get exhaustive information on this topic. Furthermore, you will receive basic information regarding the inner workings of our measuring equipment, detectors, mains disconnection relays, power sensors, screened cables, power strips and screening tissues. Further information
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LF EMF and RF Spectrum analyzers
Basics on our spectrum analyzers
Product description LF spectrum analyzer series 1000
Product description LF spectrum analyzer series 3000
Product description LF EMF spectrum analyzer series 5000
Product description RF spectrum analyzer series 2000
Product description RF spectrum analyzer series 4000
Product description RF spectrum analyzer series 6000

SPECTRAN software, USB driver and firmware updates
Manual and HISTORY for SPECTRAN HF (RF) firmware
Manual and HISTORY for SPECTRAN NF (EMF) firmware
Manual for SPECTRAN spectrum analyzer software
History (past changes) in our spectrum analyzer software

Measuring antenna log periodic, directional antenna, EMC-antenna, 3D magentic field sensor, TCO sensor
BicoLOG® biconical broad band antenna 20MHz to 1GHz
HyperLOG® 7000 Log periodic broadband antennas 700MHz-6GHz
HyperLOG® 6000 Log periodic EMC broadband antenna and WLAN antennas 680MHz-18GHz
HyperLOG® 4000 Log periodic broadband antenna 400MHz-6GHz
HyperLOG® 3000 High end log periodic EMC measurement antenna 380MHz-18GHz
active Differential Probe ADP1 DC-30MHz

1m SMA measuring cable RG316U
5m SMA measuring cable SMA5m, very low damping
10m SMA measuring cable SNA10m, very low damping
SMA to N adaptor SMAN1

Spectrum analyzer software for HF-dectector III PROFI

Basics about our screening products
Complete product description for our A2000+ screening tissue
Complete product description for our Aaronia-Shield® screening tissue
Complete product description for our Aaronia X-Dream® screening fleece
Complete product descriptions for our screening canopies and grounding mats
Complete product description for our MagnoShield® magnetic field screening
Complete product description for our grounding kit

Basics about shielded cables and power strips
Shielded mains cable
Shielded mains cable with open end
Shielded power strip
Shielded in-wall cables 3x1,5mm
Shielded in-wall cables 5x1,5mm

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More Products
EMC Analyzer:
Professional EMC meter
EMC RF & EMF Spectrum-Analyzer
1Hz to .,4GHz

Unbeatable price: Our meter kits
The perfect team:
Our EMC meter kits

Spectrum Analyzer Software
Powerfull Analyzer-Software
Free download

EMC Antenna:
HyperLOG EMV Antennen
HyperLOG EMC Antenna
380MHz to 18GHz

BicoLOG EMV Antennen
BicoLOG EMC Antenna
20MHz to 3GHz

EMC Screening:
Magnetic field screening foil
Magnetic screening foil Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX

Magnetic field screening panel
Magnetic screening panel Aaronia MagnoShield DUR

50dB EMC screening tissue
Transparent RF screening tissue Aaronia Shield

100dB EMC screening fleece
High end RF screening fleece Aaronia X-Dream