Introduction to
screened cables:

In case Mains disconnection relays cannot be used, special, screened cables offer a good alternative for screening electrosmog. Normal cables radiate strong electric fields, even if installed in-wall. As is well known, even appliances which are SWITCHED OFF generate electric fields. Furthermore, if the appliance is turned on, an additional magnetic field is created. Magnetic fields are capable of penetrating any kind of material, thus we are constantly exposed to them. Thus, the only sensible solution to avoiding electric fields is, apart from Mains disconnection relays, the use of specially screened cables. However, the downside of this method is the tedious process of replacing old cables with new, screened ones.
Installation of screened cables In-wall installation is normally only economical when constructing a new building, or when renovating. Consequently, screened cables should already be used EXCLUSIVELY from the very beginning in the entire building. Screened cables are the only possible way to operate appliances which continuously need to be connected to mains voltage almost "radiation free". As you will be surrounded by the installed cables "for a lifetime", you should definitely consider only the best possible quality concerning safety and screening efficiency.
Aaronia's new "
Elite 2"-series, manufactured according to German industry standards, offers some of the most efficiently screened cables world-wide.
At installation time, care must be taken to connect all screens serially or in a star shape and only one screen be connected to PE or the building's seperate grounding. Loops are to be avoided.

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