100dB EMC screening fleece Aaronia X-Dream®

Aaronia X-Dream Screening Aaronia X-Dream Screening

REFERENCES / examples of professional users:

  • EADS (European Aeronautic Defence & Space Company) GmbH, Ulm
  • BMW, Munich
  • Fraunhofer Institut für Kurzzeitdynamik, Freiburg
  • OSRAM GmbH, Berlin
  • Research centre Karlsruhe
  • Rafi GmbH & CoKG, Berg
  • University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Breathable
  • Rot proof
  • Frost proof
  • Foldable
  • Paintable
  • Anti-static
  • Very lightweight
  • Usable inside concrete
  • Very easy handling even for the novice
  • Length per standard packaging unit: 0,7m, 7m or 36m (1m², 10m², 50m²). Also available as cut good.
  • Lane width: 1,4m
  • Thickness: 0,5mm
  • Colour: Copper
  • Weight: approx. 30g/m2
  • Material: High-performance copper/polyester compound
  • Screening efficiency static fields: 99,999.999% to 99,999.999.99% (only WITH grounding!)
  • Screening efficiency low-frequency, electric fields: 99,999.999% to 99,999.999.99% (only WITH grounding!)
  • Screening efficiency high-frequency fields: 70dB (99,999.99%) at 20GHz to over 110dB (99,999.999.999%) at 500MHz (even WITHOUT grounding!)
Damping chart:
Damping chart Aaronia X-Dream
Standard-conformant tests according to MIL-STD-285 approve the extreme screening performance of Aaronia X-Dream®: The damping performance for pulsed high-frequency radiation in the frequency range between 1 and 2GHz, for instance caused by cell towers, is up to 100dB (99,999.999.99%). Compared to the also shown screening fleeces from other manufacturers, Aaronia X-Dream® offers a one hundred times (or more) better screening efficiency in the tested frequency range. Furthermore, allowing grounding, it is equally efficient against static and low-frequency electric fields such as caused by almost any cables running through homes, various home appliances, high-voltage lines, etc.
Even in the extremely high GHz-range at far more than 20GHz!, Aaronia X-Dream® still offers an extremely good screening efficiency of approx. 70dB.
Material characteristics:
Material analysis Aaronia X-Dream
Electron microscope imaging shows the excellent material purity of Aaronia X-Dream®

100x magnification Aaronia X-Dream
High-resolution imaging shows the chaotic structure of Aaronia X-Dream® fleece, which provides exceptional screening performance.

100x magnification Aaronia X-Dream
Electron microscope imaging shows the inseperable interconnections between the fibres, thus forming a structure impermeable to RF radiation
500x magnification Aaronia X-Dream
2000x magnification Aaronia X-Dream

The various screening systems available on the market today differ widely in both affordability and protection efficiency. They are often far too difficult to handle, particularly for the novice, but also for professional users. Apart from this, they are mostly far too expensive. Also, customers currently mostly need TWO seperate screenings simultaneously, as most screenings against RF offer hardly any protection against LF fields, and vice-versa.
With their EMC high-tech fleece Aaronia X-Dream®, Aaronia probably offers the world's most efficient screening performance of over 110dB, unique in this price category and with these material characteristics. Still, Aaronia X-Dream® is easy to handle even for the novice. Aaronia X-Dream® screening fleece offers simultaneous protection against high-frequency (RF) AND low-frequency (LF) E-field radiation. The secret behind this extremely good efficiency is a patented tissue based on a compound of copper and polyester. Aaronia X-Dream® is easy to handle and to install. It can be folded without taking damage, is sturdy, frost proof, rot proof, breathable and can even be installed in concrete. As such, it is also applicable for outdoor use and can thus save a lot of cost.
Aaronia X-Dream® can be used both for screening electric fields from local LF radiation sources like cables or distribution boxes, as well as for screening rooms or entire houses or other buildings against RF radiation. Installation is performed by laying the fleece in adjacent lanes which need to overlap approx. 15cm for guaranteeing a closed surface. It is noteworthy that it is NOT necessary to ground Aaronia X-Dream® for RF screening! Still, we generally recommend grounding using our grounding package, as this will also add protection against low-frequency electric fields from high-voltage lines, power cables etc.
Screening a room:
Installation example Aaronia X-Dream To protect a room (such as a bedroom) against high frequency radiation, the entire room needs to be covered with Aaronia X-Dream® completely. On the other hand, if screening against low-frequency electric fields (such as the electrical distribution box or in-wall cables) is desired, only a small area around the radiation source needs to be covered. Attention: For achieving low frequency screening, the fleece must be grounded! For this, we strongly recommend our Aaronia grounding package. For floors, the fleece can be installed invisibly under the carpet, or, in a new building, in the floor pavement. When attaching to walls, the fleece can be attached like usual wallpapers using a special glue. If walls are made from plasterboard, wood or similar, the fleece can simply be "stapled" to the wall. Though, the easiest alternative is the self-adhesive "PLUS" version of Aaronia X-Dream®. The surface needs to be dust-free, free of grease and dry. Attachment to ceilings can be performed similarly. Doors and their frames should be covered entirely and completely with the fleece, preferably using the self-adhesive Aaronia X-Dream PLUS®, yielding to an almost perfect connectivity between the door's fleece and the fleece used in the rest of the room. For window use, we recommend Aaronia-Shield® which allows elegant installation as an invisible "fly screen". After installation, the EMC fleece can also be painted and covered with wallpaper or plaster. It even offers an attractive surface with the original copper appearance. Our installation manual makes it easy even for the novice to construct a screened room without hassle.
Abschirmung eines Hauses oder Gebäudes:
In-wall installation example for screening tissue Houses and other buildings should be protected with Aaronia X-Dream indoors.
This is achieved by glueing or "stapling" the EMC fleece to the walls.
In roofs, the fleece should be installed directly beneith the vapor barrier.
In floors, the fleece can even be installed in the floor pavement.
Always note that for professional RF screening, a hermetically sealed enclosure, a so-called Faraday cage, must be built. Be careful to always leave a bit of overlap when attaching the fleece to walls, floors and ceilings to be able to later connect the lanes without gaps! Windows need to be screened as well. For this, we recommend our highly-transparent screening fabric Aaronia-Shield®.

The 99% lie or why a good screening efficiency is so important

Damping specifications for Aaronia high-performance shielding products
Product: Frequency: Damping in dB: Damping factor: Damping in %: Application examples:
A2000+ 1GHz
Indoor and outdoor shielding
Low exposure
Aaronia-Shield® 1GHz
Textile applications (Canopies, clothing, curtains etc.)
Low and high exposure
Aaronia X-Dream® 1GHz
Indoor shielding, measurement chambers
High to highest exposure
Notice: when using the dB unit, an increase of 10dB is equivalent to a 10fold increase in strength. For example, 100dB is 10 times as strong as 90dB, or 100 times as strong as 80dB, etc.
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